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My family and I have been eating Honey Maid honey graham crackers for decades and over the years the taste has change for the worst there nasty,now crazy thing is when I wasin tthe hospital they gave me the little pack with the two half crackers in them and those were delicious so y is it that the ones that come in the box with three packs 8 in each pack taste different then those little single pack with only two inside that the hospitals and schools give out however I wish u fix this problem soon because a lot of people agree with me that these crackers are nasty and will soon stop and switch to Keeblers honey graham like I did and those are delicious..

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Grapevine, Texas, United States #1215974

Lol, I had the same experience. The ones they give you in the hospital are absolutely delicious, but the boxed ones are not nearly as good. Wish I knew why.

Oceanside, California, United States #912814

I feel the same way am going to switch, been eating them for 64 years.

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