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WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE GRAHAM CRACKER??? ZIP CODE 37214 has NONE AND HAS NOT HAD ANY FOR A MONTH OR MORE THIS WAS YOUR BEST PRODUCT. I usually shop at Food Lion. The vanilla graham cracker is pretty good, but the chocolate is excellent with peanut butter. You are completely missing a very good marketing promotion. Skippy peanut butter with ANY OF YOUR GRAHAM CRACKERS is very good, but chocolate is best. ( Do I have nearly one hundred...
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In the last 20 years, how often have you made them smaller? It annoys me: my recipes call for "x" many Graham crackers, and now I have to recalculate because you have made them smaller. Also, there was a long period of time last spring & summer when the "scoring" on the crackers for breaking them was way off. How could so MANY boxes of crackers get scored way goofy and no QC caught it?? (I purchase Honey Maid Family Size.) I DO NOT like this...
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I am very disappointed about Nabisco changing the size of the original graham cracker. The perforated line in the cookie has changed to divide the elongated cracker into 4 smaller crackers. I prefer the old fashion peroration in the middle which alloted for two crackers. The crackers have also gotten narrower. Less cookie in the packaged sets. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!! S'mores are not the same....change them BACK!!!!!.
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I recently purchased a case of Honey Maid gram crackers from Costco. I remember the product being much, much better than what I bought. Not only were they 25% smaller (which I'm ok with), but they were very dry, thin, not the same color, and not to mention they had half the flavor. I wonder how long companies think they can continue to pull fast ones like this without any repercussions. I might as well buy the cheap stuff because that is exactly...
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When I removed the last stack of crackers there were several napkins at the bottom of the box placed there sort of neatly and on purpose.Couldn't think of a reason they would be there. They seem to be from a fast food place, no printing on them though and they did not look like they had been used, but still unsettling to see them there. Just thought I'd let you know in case there are other similar complaints. I bought the crackers probably the...
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2 different boxes, 2 different stores.Both had what looks like mouse chewing. I originally thought it was because I bought it at Walmart but the second box was from Pick and Save. The holes are obviously happening at the packaging company. This makes me sick and I will not buy them again. Next time I will buy Keebler brand. I am not sending a picture because I dont want any reimbursement just want the company to be aware and check for mice at...
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I purchased two boxes of Honey Maid/Honey Grahams with a best when used by date Aug 28, 2016. Both boxes have inner packages that are not sealed. My husband tasted one of the crackers and said that they were stale and threw them away. After learning that they are manufactured in Mexico, I will no longer purchase Nabisco products. I have lost all confidence in the Nabisco brand. Obviously there is a lack of quality control in the Mexican...
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Hey, as a proud father of two I would love to share my love of eating honey maid graham crackers in a bowl of milk like as if were cereal with my kids. In the 90's the graham crackers would hold up just fine in the milk but with the latest recipe the crackers will completely dissolve in the milk after only 10 seconds. I would like to see this changed. If they lasted two minutes in the milk before breaking up that would be better. Cheers, and...
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I have been purchasing the Family Size Honey Maid Honey Grahams for years, they are a staple in my household. The crackers in the last box I purchased from Wegmans in the Buffalo area have a distinct, odd taste to it, definitely not the usual, delicious flavor. I'm not sure if you changed the recipe (I really hope not) or if I have a "bad batch", but I felt you should know. The SKU number is 44000 00459, and another number near that reads...
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I recently bought a family size pack of your honey whole grain grams and I would have to say I'm very disappointed many of the crackers are broken and deformed none of them are in formed they are extremely jagged and when we cut them in half for smores the lines are jacked up and are like 1/3-2/3 proportion I'm very disappointed because I have been buying these gram crackers and never had an issue. thanks
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