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I always have Graham Crackers with my afternoon coffee, because they are a healthy snack that provides an excellent compliment taste for coffee. Just bought 2 boxes at my local Kroger store, and the look, taste, and size have changed (much smaller).

They are lighter colored, and taste more like cardboard. I could not believe it, so I opened the second box, and found the same thing. Why on earth would you change a tried and true recipe??? I'll be looking for another snack for my afternoon coffee!!

When companies cut corners, you only lose customers!!

It will back-fire on you every time! Jane Allen Calhoun

Product or Service Mentioned: Honey Maid Graham Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Honey Maid Cons: Taste like cardboard.

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I agree completely! Bring back the great tasting Graham crackers


They are awful!!#Nasty


They can't leave a good thing alone. In Canada the filled them with whole wheat flour.

They were terrible. at the store I looked again and the whole wheat flour is not on the box. I tried them with milk.

only slightly better. I miss the real graham wafer crackers.


Agreed! Bad business practice, Nabisco. Deceiving and not an improvement.


These were the worst cookies I tasted in centuries... they lost their taste color ,and the flavor ... the crunch and the crisp absolutely nasty


They are horrible.


I noticed a change in the honey maid Graham cracker taste as well. I do not like them anymore. They leave a nasty aftertaste.


I agree the graham crackers are sweeter smaller package to you and don’t taste as good as before. I will not be re-buying these Grant Fox Poit,WI


Had a craving for S'mores and bought the ingredients yesterday. Just had the WORST tasting dessert! Won't be doing that again!


I agree what a disappointment throwing these in garbage and will never buy them again another childhood memory destroy


Honey Maids used to be the size of half a Hershey chocolate bar. Not Now!

Bought the ingredients to make s'mores. Barely fits a roasted marshmallow and only 1/4 a chocolate bar. Extremely disappointed. If only one could roast half a marshmallow while camping.

Chocolate makers occasionally made their candy bars a little smaller or weigh less when cocoa price went up. Hardly noticable. When classic s'mores size crackers change, it's a real problem. I'm looking elsewhere.

This summers classic events around the campdire won't be as happily remembered. Thanks.


They changed their recipe in 2006 and again in 2010 to add more whole grain according to their website. I'm not sure how that affected the taste to the extent that it has.

I've thought my taste buds were just changing. My Grammy (named after graham crackers) introduced these to me almost 40 years ago, and I'm so sad to lose this part of my memories with her. I won't be trying with Honey Maid again unless they revert to the original recipe. I'm fine with the size difference, although I would prefer to just pay a little more for the original size.

The original recipe is what kept me loyal for years, there was no substitute. Now I have no reason to buy them.


Yes. They used to be so great.

Why change and cut corners. I'm done with them.


Omg I just made my husbands favorite cake with the honeymaid crackers for his birthday and we’re discussed!! What happend to this recipe??

When?? Why!??


I just bought Nabisco Graham Crackers for a pie crust. Obviously the recipe has been changed!

Shame on Nabisco! I am so disappointed!Guess I’ll have to find another brand!


Trader Joe’s


Time to boycott All Nabisco Products .


Wow! I'm glad I googled this.

I thought there was something wrong with my taste buds and eyesight. Graham crackers, so delicious in milk once, have been reduced to small slightly sweet cardboard crackers.

I tried 3 boxes from different stores just to be sure. I won't buy more, so if Nabisco changes them back, they had better package them in the original box so we'll all know!


My mom used to break them up and give them to me in milk when I was a kid! My husband bought a box a few weeks ago and I tried to recreate my childhood and they tasted SO GROSS compared to how they used to in milk!

So disappointing, I was hoping to recreate that memory with my own kids in the future but nope. Never buying again.


I just bought a box after not buying for awhile and I totally agree - why change such a simple good recipe! They look terrible and very unappealing. Won't be buying again.

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