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In search of a good cinnamon graham cracker that somewhat resembles the image shown on the box, I recently opted for the Honey Maid brand. I can remember enjoying the brown sugar and cinnamon coated delights during my childhood and longed to have that same experience once again.

However, upon opening the box and examinimg the crackers inside, I sadly discovered that they look nothing like the ones shown on the box. I’d been had by the oldest trick in the book; the “bait and switch” routine! For those of us still with the capacity to eat in moderation that enjoy real flavor, marketing tricks such as this are especially offensive. While Honey Maid may claim the cutback of ingredients was done in the consumers’ best interest (lower sugar intake), common sense dictates otherwise.

What better way to increase their profit margin than substantially lower the cost of the product’s ingredients?

Why not make as it once was; something that the consumer would actually enjoy eating and would want to purchase again and again? You would be wise to listen more to consumers and less to your accountants!

Product or Service Mentioned: Honey Maid Cinnamon Graham Crackers.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Improve product or make image on box match product..

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I am in the same boat. I thought that maybe I was dreaming my entire childhood experience with Honey Maid.

Where's my giggles as the cinnamon granules explode out of the package as I tear it? Oh No!

None falling through my fingers and down to my lap as I bite the crunchity cracker. Must be a recipe change that I didn't get to vote on.

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