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What happened to the Cinnamon sugar and the size of your Graham Crackers

No longer to buy your Food Products.If you have gotten THAT cheap on just Graham Crackers, how good can the rest of your products be, or how much are you going to change on the other products ?

I will no longer buy Nabisco until I can see the OLD NABISCO back !I WILL tell all of my friends the same so not to waste their money !


I understand what you’re saying.I don’t know what’s going on?

I got a pack of honey Graham’s that only had 7, as opposed to the standard 8 in a pack.

Can you imagine how much money they can save by cheating everyone out of just ONE cracker.Unbelievable!!


Why did you ruin your Cinnamon Grahams ?

Your Cinnamon Grahams are TERRIBLE .What happened to the Cinnamon sugar on them ?

I may as well buy the store brand now, it's actually better than yours and a lot cheaper ! I used to buy yours BECAUSE of the Cinnamon sugar topping. AND the size of them. You shortened the cracker, made it narrower and put one pack of the original packs on top then put the smaller un-cinnamoned packs ON EDGE to fill the now oversized box !

Now I will no longer buy ANY products from Nabisco.

If the Graham Crackers have been changed to a terrible tasting piece of cardboard, God only knows how much you have or will change ALL THE REST of your products !I WILL tell ALL of my friends about my experience to make sure they don't waste THEIR money on a product that no longer exists !


I hear ya screaming girl!!They shorted one cracker in a pack of 8 ..only got 7.

Imagine the money they can save by shorting all the boxes with just ONE cracker?!!Corporate GREED!


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