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Since it is almost impossible to find a CS email and/or phone number, I will use this form to register my concern ~ and pray my concern gets passed on to the appropriate personnel.

There is NOTHING wholesome about two homosexuals "acting" as a "normal" family. I am not sure where this new found idea of family has come from, since only about 2 percent of this country's population are ***? Obviously, there are more people who feel the image of a wholesome family is NOT homosexuals ~ than those that do! If adults wish to CHOOSE this lifestyle, let them ~ but to bring young children in to this situation and then to have your company exploit this as normal is unforgivable!

No matter how you promote this, or how squeaky the wheels are of those involved in the *** movement in this country, you CANNOT make what is wrong, right! Doesn't it matter to your company how many people you are offending by doing this? Don't the majority of Amercans account for anything!

We are only one household, and I am sure you will ignore my concern/s and/or I will get a "form" email telling me about your company wanting to be inclusive, blah, blah, blah. Well, perhaps you should include a "wholesome" family of a convict ~ or perhaps you should include the "wholesome" family of an embezzler.

I know your moral compass is not functioning and the bottom line for any corporation is money ~ I hope your lack of morals and your insulting traditional families is worth the bottom dollar ~ I bet there are no mirrors in any of your houses ~ because it is clear the only way you could sleep at night after this attack on the traditional family would be if you never faced yourself.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #997660

Well, grumpy, this is a general complaint site and you aren't going to get any results here. You have to go to the Nabisco web site.

But look really close at the printing on the box and I'm sure you will find the web site for them. That being said, how do you know that the two men with the baby are actually a couple? They could be the father of the baby, and an uncle of the baby, or some other relative. I have seen the commercial several times and have never looked at it as a *** couple.

But then on the other hand I don't have my mind in the gutter. I hope you realize that while you sounding your complaint because you supposedly think you are a good Christian that the Bible says "judge not, lest ye be judged." *** people are human beings just like you, only probably not as judgmental.

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